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Bugsnax | How to fast travel using shortcuts

Bugsnax fast travel would help you progress more easily throughout its map, with there being several locations across Snaktooth Island that can take time to get to. In the absence of a traditional fast travel mechanic, players can still quickly get from A to B by way of two shortcuts, located in Boiling Bay and Sizzlin’ Sands. These shortcuts allow Bugsnax players to fast travel from different points of the Snaktooth Island map.

Here’s how unlock fast travel by activating the shortcuts.

How to fast travel in Bugsnax

To fast travel, players must open one of two shortcuts in Boiling Bay or Sizzlin’ Sands. This will allow players to cut through one of the lengthiest journeys in the game, which would otherwise require them to walk through a number of different locations before reaching their destination.

How to open Boiling Bay shortcut

bugsnax boiling bay shortcut fast travel

The Boiling Bay shortcut is located in the lava cave. You will see four statues of Bugsnax located around the back of the cave, and you must interact with them in the following order to activate fast travel between Boiling Bay and Sizzlin’ Sands:

  1. Activate the statue with one straw in its mouth.
  2. Activate the statue with two straws in its mouth.
  3. Activate the statue with three straws in its mouth.
  4. Activate the statue with four straws in its mouth.
  5. Wait for the cave wall to open and the shortcut to appear.

How to open Sizzlin’ Sands shortcut

bugsnax fast travel sizzlin' sands shortcut

The Sizzlin’ Sands shortcut can be opened to enable fast travel by walking to the Bugsnax statue to the left of the entrance. Once the statues are activated in a specific order, they will open a doorway in the hill next to them, letting you get to Boiling Bay through it.

The statues must be activated in the following order, when facing them from the angle pictured above:

  1. Bottom left
  2. Top right
  3. Bottom right
  4. Top left

After activating the statues, you will then be able to move from Sizzlin’ Sands and Boiling Bay with ease. Only one of these shortcuts needs to be activated in order to open the route, so you don’t need to carry out both sets of steps in order to get to the shortcut and activate fast travel.