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Bugsnax | How to catch a Sweet Fryder

As players progress through Bugsnax, completing missions and filling up the Bugapedia catalog, they will come across Cromdo in Scorched Gorge who demands that he be fed one Sweet Fryder as part of the “Fry With Me!” mission. While the Sweet Fryder location is easy to find, capturing it can be difficult. Here’s how to catch a Sweet Fryder in Bugsnax:

How to catch a Sweet Fryder in Bugsnax

How to catch a Sweet Fryder in Bugsnax

To catch Sweet Fryder in Bugsnax, players need to place a Lunchpad down and then use it to fire a Snak Trap at the creature. Holding L2/LT/right-click to allows the Snak Trap to be aimed, with R2/RT/left-click being used to secure the Sweet Fryder.

Those struggling to find the Sweet Fryder location need to look to the left of Cromdo. It’s across the gap to the left of the bridge. Rotate 90 degrees to spot it.

Once the Sweet Fryder is inside the Snak Trap, a strong gust of wind will blow it off the ledge. Players will want to rush over and pick it up. Then it’s time to climb back up and feed it to Cromdo to complete the mission.

It may take multiple attempts to successfully capture the Sweet Fryder, as aiming the Snak Trap can be difficult. The gust of wind that blows the trapped creature off the ledge can be unpredictable. Thankfully, players can “Retrieve” tools inside of the quick select inventory menu.

The Sweet Fryder description gives the following short statement:

“Similar to Fryders, but sweeter.”

Now that the Sweet Fryder has been caught and Cromdo has been fed, it’s time to continue on with the main story. For those curious, here’s how long it takes to beat Bugsnax.

While the Sweet Fryder is certainly a tricky catch, there are even more challenging Snaks out there: flying types. Learn how to capture flying Bugsnax in this guide.

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