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Godfall ‘Rate Exceeded’ Error Fix | PS5, PC server message

PS5 console exclusive Godfall, which is also available on PC, is experiencing some networking issues. The “Rate Exceeded” pop-up is appearing on both platforms and preventing players from enjoying the game cooperatively. As a result, many users are seeking a Godfall Rate Exceeded error fix. Here are the potential workarounds, along with what’s likely causing the intrusive server message.

Godfall ‘Rate Exceeded’ Error | Can’t play co-op on PS5 and PC

Godfall Rate Exceeded error fix

Launch woes aren’t ideal, but they are commonplace, and Godfall is no exception. When attempting to play the game cooperatively in an online party, PlayStation 5 and PC users are receiving the Rate Exceeded error pop-up. It can’t relate to the max number of players within a party — it often appears with just two people present, for example — leaving users scratching their heads as to its meaning.

The Godfall Rate Exceeded error is most likely a server capacity notification. The game just launched on PC and PS5, which, coupled with the practice of social distancing, makes demand especially high. In time, the Godfall Rate Exceeded message should die down naturally. Until then, playing at off-peak times could help to lighten the server load and resolve the issue.

It’s important to note that the developer hasn’t yet confirmed the Godfall Rate Exceeded problem relates to a server capacity issue. The @PlayGodfall social media account has stated that the team is “currently investigating” the message, however.

Due to the nature of the pop-up and the fact that players are only reporting the error after attempting to launch new co-op sessions (i.e. join the server), a capacity issue is the most plausible explanation.

Networking issues with PS5 games aren’t too surprising, what with the console itself experiencing slow download speeds. There’s also the system’s internal server error, plus more isolated incidents like the CE-107891-6 error code.