PS5 Error Code CE-107867-9 | ‘Something went wrong’ fix

As with all new tech launches, Sony’s next-generation PS5 console isn’t without a few issues. When trying to download games or copy files, some users are receiving PS5 error code CE-107867-9 alongside a message that reads: “Something went wrong.” In the event that PlayStation 5 games can’t download or copy, here’s what to do.

PS5 Error Code CE-107867-9 | ‘Can’t download or copy’ games fix

PS5 Error Code CE-107867-9

The PS5 has only just launched, which makes nailing down system errors like CE-107867-9 somewhat difficult. In time, PlayStation manufacturer Sony should officially library all PS5 error codes, but, until then, user reports are immensely helpful.

An easy PS5 error CE-107867-9 fix is to simply select “Try Again” and resume the download or data transfer from where it left off. If that’s unsuccessful, reboot the PlayStation 5 console along with the router and/or modem it’s connected to.

The CE-107867-9 PS5 error code appears when a problem occurs with a download or copying of a file.

Game Revolution encountered the CE-107867-9 pop-up on PlayStation 5 while downloading a digital copy of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It occurred midway through the process, with the download then completing successfully after re-initiating via the “Try Again” option. The current PSN Service Status notes an “unprecedented” demand for PlayStation services right now; that likely plays a part in causing the issue.

Downloads impacted by the CE-107867-9 error shouldn’t need to be restarted from the beginning. That’s fortunate news, as combined with slow PS5 download speeds it could’ve caused some headaches. At least Astro’s playroom comes pre-installed on all PS5 consoles to help occupy users as initial downloads take place.

Although the PlayStation 5 launch is going off without a hitch for most gamers, one major error has already bricked the console of YouTube reviewer ACG. Several more minor issues are cropping up too, like the internal server and CE-107891-6 errors.

While early PS5 adopters cross their fingers that none of these issues occur, Xbox Series X owners seem to be inviting trouble by blowing vape smoke into their consoles.