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Bugsnax Calories | Why is the number so high?

For a while, Bugsnax was a total mystery. Speculation ran rampant on what the game was about and how the gameplay would work, but that was cleared up when it launched for PC, PS4, and PS5. One question that remains, however, relates to the Bugsnax calories. Namely, why is the number of calories so high? Something is very wrong when a few slices of fruit, comprising the Orange Peelbug, weigh in at 4,500 big ones.

Bugsnax Calories | Can you eat too many?

Bugsnax calories

Calories don’t serve any gameplay purpose in Bugsnax. Players can’t eat too much and face negative side effects, like a sugar crash or putting on weight. The Bugsnax calorie values are essentially just flavor text, but why are they so high?

The Bugsnax calorie number is ridiculously high by human standards, but that might be normal for Grumpuses. Players take control of a Grumpus in Bugsnax, who goes about interviewing other Grumpuses. Maybe this species has a wildly different metabolism and is able to handle eating the highly calorific wildlife.

High sugar content found within Bugsnax could explain the eccentric population of Snacktooth Island. Although Bugsnax developer Young Horses hasn’t officially addressed why the calorie values are so high, this seems to be a likely explanation. Other theories may crop up in time, as the Bugsnax community does like to speculate, but this is the best explanation for now.

Thanks to its many inspirations ranging from Pokemon to BioShock, Bugsnax has attracted a diverse following. As a result, different players will no doubt interpret the high Bugsnax calorie count in different ways. Whatever the outcome, definitely take it easy on those 11,100 calorie Snaquiris!

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