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How to unlock Steeplechase Armor in Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Steeplechase Armor Set is a hot-ticket item for many players of Bungie’s FPS MMORPG. Players can get hold of an Ornament of each Armor type for the complete Season 12 Steeplechase Armor Set. These Ornaments can be equipped to any eligible Legendary Armor Item to changes its appearance. It will take quite a long time to unlock them all, though. Nevertheless, here’s how to unlock Steeplechase Armor in Destiny 2.

How to get Destiny 2 Steeplechase Armor Set

Destiny 2 Steeplechase Armor

The Steeplechase Armor Set in Destiny 2 is a collection of Ornaments that the player can equip to any and all eligible Legendary Armor Item in the game. Each Steeplechase Ornament unlocked, too, is unlocked for all characters of the relevant class on a player’s account. This means that everyone should unlock the Warlock, Titan, and Hunter versions at the same time.

To unlock the Destiny 2 Steeplechase Armor Ornaments, players need to unlock them via the Season 12 Season Pass

Each Ornament is a reward on the paid-for Season Pass line. They need to be bought and then unlocked. Here is when players’ should unlock each Legendary Steeplechase Ornament in Destiny 2:

  • Steeplechase Gloves/Gauntlets | Rank 64
  • Steeplechase Boots/Leg Armor | Rank 67
  • Steeplechase Bond | Rank 77
  • Steeplechase Vestmen/Chest Armor | Rank 87
  • Steeplechase Hood/Helmet | Rank 97

Each of the Ornaments is unlocked relatively late-on into the Season Pass. Getting to this level, unfortunately, will take some time and a decent amount of grinding. Fortunately, there is plenty to get on with now in Destiny 2 following the release of the Beyond Light expansion. Players can unlock new weapons, too, like the Arctic Haze Legendary Auto Rifle.

Now that it is known how to unlock the Destiny 2 Steeplechase Armor Set, it’s time to get out there and level up that Season Pass. Looking for more help with Destiny 2? Here’s how to find the Cosmodrome loot cave. Here is how to upgrade Stasis.