Can you fix PS5 game captures looking too dark?

PS5 dark screenshots are plaguing the internet, with game captures looking too dark compared to how it looks on the TV. This, as it turns out, is likely being caused by players using HDR. The conversion from HDR to SDR is resulting in a far dimmer image when captured. Here’s what to do to fix PS5 game captures looking too dark.

Is there a PS5 dark screenshots fix?

PS5 dark screenshots

It’s difficult to get across how nice PS5 games look when game captures are coming out too dark when using the capture and share buttons on the DualSense. Games like Demon’s Souls are looking darker in screen grabs then they do in reality. Is there a way to show off how nice these new games really look without dark screenshots?

To fix dark screenshots on PS5, players need to disable HDR.

The PS5 dark screenshots are appearing when players are using HDR. The conversion from HDR on your shiny 4K TV to capturing and sharing non-HDR images has resulted in dark game captures on PS5. Currently, all that can be done is disabling HDR on the game or on the TV before taking any screenshots or recording videos.

Hopefully, this is an issue that is fixed sooner rather than later. Players should be able to share bright and colorful screenshots of their new next-gen PS5 games without them appearing too dark. Sony should, hopefully, fix the dark game capture issue soon.

There are other ways of ensuring brighter images are captured, until then. Try these suggestions if PS5 game captures are looking too dark:

  • Disable HDR on the TV or in-game
  • Use in-game Photo Modes
    • Shoot the brightness and color levels up
  • Edit screenshots on the PC
    • Not ideal, but it is a way to add a bit more brightness to those PS5 dark game captures

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