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Demon’s Souls Luck Glitch | Gold Coin farm location

The PS5 Demon’s Souls remake is largely faithful to the original game, though it does add a few new features. One of these is the Gold Coin item, which players can use to boost their luck temporarily. When paired with the craftable Blueblood Sword — a weapon with damage scaling based on the Luck stat — Gold Coins are very powerful. When taking advantage of the Demon’s Souls Luck glitch, however, they become insanely OP. Here’s how to get Gold Coins and do the Luck glitch on PlayStation 5.

How to do the Demon’s Souls Gold Coin glitch

Demon's Souls Luck glitch

The Demon’s Souls Luck glitch also goes by the Gold Coin glitch, owing to the item it utilizes. This PS5 launch title is a challenging game, so it’s not too surprising that players are looking to secure any and every advantage possible. Do note, however, that leveling the current character up any further will not be possible after performing this exploit.

Here’s how to perform the Demon’s Souls Luck glitch on PS5

  1. Loot a Gold Coin from a defeated Official enemy.
  2. Travel back to The Nexus.
  3. Use the Gold Coin while positioned next to the Maiden in Black.
  4. Speak to the Maiden in Black and opt to level up.
  5. Wait for the Soul Level and Luck stat to finish climbing, then back out of the menu.

Doing the Demon’s Souls Luck glitch is as simple as that. In order to start one-shotting enemies, take the Broken Sword and Pureblood Demon Soul (Maiden Astraea) to Blacksmith Ed and craft the Blueblood Sword.

How to farm Gold Coins in Demon’s Souls

Demon's Souls Luck glitch

Performing the Demon’s Souls Luck glitch on PS5 requires a Gold Coin, an item that can be dropped by defeated Officials. Officials are fat enemies that throw fireballs and carry whips, found within Boletaria and Stonefang Tunnel. The best place to farm Gold Coins is the second checkpoint in the second world (The Tunnel City), which is the Armor Spider Archstone.

Run straight from The Tunnel City checkpoint, take a left and run past the exploding minecarts. Kill the official in this room, then either die by jumping down the elevator shaft or run back to and activate the Archstone. Repeat this process until a Gold Coin spawns; equipping the Providential Ring boosts item discovery, so wearing that may speed up the process.

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