PlayStation Error Code WS-116415-8 | Can’t sign in fix

No internet-connected game console is immune to errors, and this is true for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5. Many users have reported encountering PlayStation error code WS-116415-8, which appears during times when they can’t sign in to the PlayStation Network. This is fairly common error code, and it happens to be one that appears under very specific circumstances. Here’s what you need to do to fix it.

PS4 and PS5 error code WS-116415-8 fix

PS4 and PS5 error code WS-116415-8 fix

PlayStation error code WS-116415-8 appears on PS4 and PS5 systems when the PlayStation Network servers are down. This is why you can’t sign in to select services, access the PlayStation Store, or play online games.

Thankfully, this means that nothing is wrong with your in-home network. You can power cycle everything you like, but it won’t help get the servers back up and running. The only fix for WS-116415-8 is to wait until Sony is able to bring PSN servers back online and restore the other PlayStation services.

In other words, error code WS-116415-8 only appears when PSN itself has gone down. You may also experience error code WS-37938-0, a closely related error code that pops up when Sony’s servers go down. In both cases, the solution is to wait until things get back up and running.

If you want to check to see which services are online, head over to Sony’s PlayStation Network server status page. There you’ll be able to see which services, if any, are being affected. We’d also recommend checking out DownDetector to see if other users are experiencing any sort of connection issues. If so, you’ll know you’re not the only one that can’t sign in to PSN.

PlayStation error code WS-116415-8 will disappear once the servers are back up and running. Until then, you’ll simply have to wait. Fortunately, you can pass the time by reading some of the newest video game reviews featured here on Game Revolution.