Geoff Keighley mask added to Among Us during The Game Awards 2020

A new Among Us Geoff mask has been added to the game, with The Game Awards 2020 host Geoff Keighley being added to the game during the show. But how do you get the new Geoff mask via Twitch drops?

How to get Among Us Geoff mask

The Geoff mask in Among Us is delivered to players by way of a Twitch drop that they receive when watching The Game Awards 2020 on Twitch. In order to obtain the Geoff mask, all players need to do is watch at least one minute of TGA 2020 on Twitch.

Viewers can watch TGA 2020 on Twitch right here, where Among Us drops will be distributed as viewers continue watching.

As its name suggests, the Geoff mask is simply a mask of Geoff Keighley’s face. The industry veteran has been immortalized in-game, during a show in which Among Us took home two major awards for Best Multiplayer Game and Best Mobile Game.

Players will be able to equip the Geoff mask as they would any other, though the limited distribution of the cosmetic item will inevitably make it a hot topic among regular players. In other Among Us news, a new kill animation was also debuted during the show.

The Game Awards 2020 contained a bunch of world premieres along with distributing annual awards to teams of developers, publishers, and industry personalities. The full list of TGA 2020 reveals can be seen here, while the winners of its awards can be viewed here.