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Fall Guys Crown Rank 0 | Why did my rank reset?

The Fall Guys Crown Rank 0 bug has been hitting all sorts of players in this new season. This ugly bug seems to erase the hard work players have put in since the bizarre game launched in August. Here’s how to fix the Crown Rank reset bug in Fall Guys.

How to fix the Crown Rank reset bug in Fall Guys

To get the Crown Rank back to normal, players just simply need to play one game. That’s it. Playing one mode (it shouldn’t matter which one) of Fall Guys should shake the system back into working again. If not, the servers might need some time to catch up, which has been a problem for Fall Guys in the past. It appears to just be a visual error and not something that has forgotten the previous crowns players might have earned.

The kooky Fall Guys Twitter account addressed this right about when the wintery Season 3 update went live (which includes some golden skins). Instead of just acknowledging the bug, the account stated that Mediatonic is working on a more permanent fix and that fix should be live by the end of the week. It’s not clear if this will be a whole new update or if it will be some sort of hotfix.

Regardless, this Crown Rank bug comes alongside some physics glitch that is forced Mediatonic to temporarily remove Hex-A-Gone from the game. Crown Ranks are new for this season and will stay in the game after this event wraps up. They allow for players to get special rewards by winning or getting crowns through the battle pass. Whereas the battle pass-like system stays just for one season and goes up by playing and winning, Crown Ranks only go up when players win a whole game. These rewards include the aforementioned golden skins as well as other cosmetics like colors and patterns.