Fall Guys Season 3 gets gilded with all-new Golden Costumes

Fall Guys Season 3 is coming on December 15 and introduces all-new Golden Costumes to the game. The new Crown Ranks system will reward dedicated players for securing wins, with the best-of-the-best unlocking gilded versions of existing skins for their efforts. As a result, Fall Guys Golden Costumes will immediately identify the best contenders in each match.

How to unlock Golden Costumes in Fall Guys

Fall Guys Golden Costumes

Players can download the Fall Guys winter update starting tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15, to celebrate the festive period in style. Season 3 adds a new map and cosmetics, the most lucrative of which are Golden Costumes. What does it take to get a Golden Costume in Fall Guys, though?

To unlock Golden Costumes in Fall Guys, players must earn Crowns by winning matches. By grabbing enough Crowns, players increase their Crown Rank and, eventually, earn access to Golden Costumes.

At the time of writing, Mediatonic hasn’t announced how many Crown Ranks it takes to unlock a Golden Costume in Fall Guys yet. It’s worth climbing through the ranks regardless, as there are plenty of additional exclusive rewards to unlock. Gold Costumes are the most desirable new reward, naturally, so don’t expect getting them all to be a quick and easy process.

The first batch of gold Fall Guys skins are glitzy versions of existing outfits; rather than being entirely new, they put a fresh spin on the classics. While most players may have access to the default hotdog and chicken skins, anyone with access to the gilded golden versions is on another level.

Anyone that needs help claiming Crowns to increase their rank and unlock Golden Costumes should check out these tips and tricks. With practice, not only will the new Fall Guys gold skins be attainable, but so will the Infallible achievement/trophy. Anyone that can win five consecutive matches to claim that accolade can definitely snag the new Golden Costumes in Fall Guys on PC and PS4.