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How to unlock Taskmaster in Fortnite

As usual, dataminers have been busy sharing new Fortnite leaks on social media. One of the biggest bits of leaked news is an apparent Taskmaster skin. For any players that want to become iconic Marvel villain Tony Masters, here’s how to unlock Taskmaster in Fortnite. How to get the Tony “Taskmaster” Masters outfit should be the same on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

How to get Taskmaster in Fortnite

How to unlock Taskmaster in Fortnite

For a time Taskmaster was relatively unknown to all but the most prolific comic book readers. Thanks in large part to video games, however, the character has been enjoying a surge in popularity. After playing a recurring role in Marvel’s Spider-Man, he later appeared in Marvel’s Avengers.

To unlock the Taskmaster Fortnite skin, players must purchase it with V-Bucks from the Item Shop or complete a selection of challenges within the game.

Generally, users will need to purchase new Fortnite skins using the game’s premium V-Bucks currency. Occasionally, however, Epic Games will make outfits earnable by completing limited-time challenge sets. It isn’t currently known what the exact unlock process will be, though it’s unlikely to differ from the above.

ShiinaBR and Guille_GAG were the first to discover and share the Fortnite Taskmaster outfit on Twitter:

While this leak appears to be the real deal, it’s worth remembering that the Fortnite Taskmaster costume hasn’t been formally announced by Epic just yet.

When is the Taskmaster Fortnite release date?

Fortnite Taskmaster release date

The Taskmaster Fortnite skin release date could be as soon as Tuesday, December 22. That’s when the next update is most likely to land, and, since the Taskmaster outfit is already in the game’s code, Epic could be preparing for an impending launch.

Leaked game files also indicate that fellow comic book characters Green Arrow and Captain Marvel could be coming to Fortnite soon. Not only that, but biplanes might also be set to return.