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Fortnite Update December 17 Patch Notes | PS5 and PC

The Fortnite update December 17 patch notes are now available for players to read. This new Fortnite patch is being distributed across both PC and PS5 platforms. Other systems aren’t likely to receive the update as it primarily includes fixes for computers and the next-gen PlayStation system. Here’s what the new patch does.

Fortnite Update December 17 Patch Notes

Fortnite Update December 17

PC patch notes

  • Addresses stability.

PS5 patch notes

  • Addresses Fortnite outputting at 1080p instead of 4K when not in the 120 FPS Mode for players using certain displays.
  • Players will need to enable “Performance Mode” in the PS5 console settings Save Data and Game/App Settings > Game Presets > Performance Mode) to see the option in-game.

While the patch notes don’t make it very clear what has changed on the PC side of things, the PS5 patch notes are very detailed. PlayStation 5 owners can now enjoy high-resolution gameplay when the game is running in the standard 60 FPS mode.

Aside from these fixes, it doesn’t look like the patch includes any content. Dataminers haven’t yet found anything worth sharing. Of course, this post will be updated if and when hidden files are discovered.

Dataminers have found evidence of planes making their return to Fortnite this holiday season. This controversial vehicle sparked a lot of frustration in the more vocal members of the community last time around, so it will be interesting to see how Epic Games handles it this time.

Two significant new weapons have been added to Fortnite in a recent patch. Both the Dragon’s Breath sniper rifle and The Big Chill launcher are worth additions to any player’s arsenal, so be sure to get a breakdown of their stats here.

The new “Reboot a Friend” feature is encouraging existing Fortnite players to encourage their friends to return to the game. Depending on the number of matches played, each user can get some cosmetic unlocks.