How to fix PS5 ‘repairing console storage’ error

The PS5 has enjoyed a strong launch, but that doesn’t mean that Sony’s next-gen console is without its issues. Some users are encountering the PS5 “repairing console storage” error message on their machines, which is concerning, to say the least. Is there a PlayStation 5 storage repair screen fix, though? Here’s the latest on this PS5 internal SSD issue.

What is the PS5 ‘repairing console storage’ fix?

PS5 repairing console storage error

While the “repair your external drive” message has been bricking consoles, thankfully, this error doesn’t appear to have the same effect. In fact, we can confirm that the repairing console storage problem isn’t a guaranteed PS5 death sentence. It’s worrying nonetheless, however, so here’s what to do when faced with the error screen.

How to fix

When the PS5 repairing console storage error screen appears, wait patiently until the percentage reaches 100%. This could take a while, but do not power the PlayStation 5 console down while the internal storage repair takes place. The console should present users with an error reporting screen once the process completes — opt to explain the problem, then select “Accept and Report” from the available options. Reporting the issue will help Sony to narrow down the cause, then release a future PS5 system update to fix the error.

Consoles automatically power down before the PlayStation 5 repairing console storage screen appears upon reset. The issue most commonly occurs when playing Spider-Man: Remastered or Spider-Man: Miles Morales. GR staff encountered the issue while playing the latter, so one temporary workaround would be to avoid playing the Spider-Man games on PS5 for now.

Players have reportedly also had issues when playing CoD: Black Ops Cold War. Not only that, but the repairing console storage error can seemingly also strike when browsing the PlayStation Store. Reports came in from Reddit, indicating that there could be multiple causes.

If the PS5 repairing console storage error is persistent, then contacting PlayStation Support for hardware repairs may be necessary.

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