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Escape from Tarkov Stuck on Matching | Why won’t the game load when I’m a PMC?

Escape from Tarkov is still in early access, but even accounting for that, matchmaking times can be pretty long. The Escape from Tarkov stuck on matching bug doesn’t help, as it can trap players on the matchmaking screen indefinitely. Although SCAVs come with a cooldown, the PMC class should always be playable — with PMCs affected by the glitch, something is definitely amiss. But, is there an easy fix? Here’s the latest on the EFT infinite matchmaking bug for PC.

Escape from Tarkov Stuck on Matching | Is there an infinite matchmaking fix?

Escape from Tarkov stuck on matching

Some Escape from Tarkov players are having trouble matchmaking. Although the issue can impact all classes, it seems to be most common with the PMC. We encountered the EFT unending matching issue ourselves while playing PMC, yet switching to SCAV solved the problem immediately. Considering that PMC is every players’ main by default, that could be a real issue in the longterm.

Escape from Tarkov PMC matching fix

  1. Completely close the Escape from Tarkov application.
  2. Relaunch the game and attempt to match as a PMC.
  3. If that doesn’t work, quit to the menu.
  4. Start a load as SCAV, then quickly back out and choose PMC.

Members of the EFT community have shared these PMC matchmaking fixes, but they aren’t a guarantee. Unfortunately, the mileage may vary where these potential solutions are concerned. Hopefully, Battlestate Games will release an update to properly address the issue soon.

Escape from Tarkov is currently in closed beta and has been since 2017. Although the game is immensely popular and issues like the infinite PMC matching glitch are frustrating, try to keep in mind that bugs are to be expected in an early access product.

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