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Where can I buy official Escape from Tarkov merch?

Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov is already a massive hit ahead of its full launch. The game has amassed a loyal following on PC, and many of those dedicated players want to show their allegiance by rocking official merchandise. If you’ve been wondering: “Where can I buy official Escape from Tarkov merch?” then this guide has you covered.

EFT Merchandise | Where can I buy official Escape from Tarkov merch?

Where can I buy official Escape from Tarkov merch?

For a while now EFT fans have been questioning where they can get legit merchandise. Up until recently, it wasn’t possible, with just a few unofficial stores cropping up online; the launch of an official Escape from Tarkov merch store has now changed that. By visiting you can browse and buy a variety of official EFT merch with worldwide shipping.

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The Escape from Tarkov store features five distinct merchandise categories: Books, Patches, Clothes, Souvenirs, and In-Game Stuff. The former four are pretty self-explanatory and standard fare, featuring everything from novels expanding the game’s lore, to hoodies, hats, and mugs. The latter is rather more exciting, and where the EFT merch store really sets itself apart.

You can kit yourself out like an in-game survivalist with a Russian Army Infantry Small Shovel ($20), AI-1 medical case ($7), and a “Berkut” 18L one-day backpack ($105). If you expect things to get hot and heavy, you might also want to kit up with a “Maska-Sch” Killa Helmet ($180) and some 6B13 “Kila” Bodyarmor ($158).

The store offers a premium one to three business days shipping option (depending on your location), as well as a standard 10 to 30 business days option. If the items are shipping outside of Russia, you may need to pay a customs charge when receiving your package.

Planning to splash out on some sweet Escape from Tarkov merch? Let us know what you’re getting in the comments.