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Genshin Impact Seelie Pet | How to get and which to choose

As if Genshin Impact wasn’t already kawaii enough, players will soon be able to unlock one of three Mini Seelie pets. These mysterious little critters follow people around once unlocked and equipped, but how exactly can users get them? Here’s the need-to-know on earning a Genshin Impact Seelie pet during the upcoming Lost Riches event.

How to get a Genshin Impact Mini Seelie pet

Genshin Impact Seelie pet

The massive Gensin Impact 1.2 update made a lot of exciting improvements and additions, like the new playable character Ganyu. It also laid the groundwork for the impending Lost Riches event, too. During this limited-time event, players will be able to purchase a Seelie pet after earning enough money.

How to get a Mini Seelie pet

  1. During the Lost Riches event, travel to the Stone Gate and locate an NPC named Ulman.
  2. Speak to Ulman to gain the Treasure Book and Treasure-Seeking Seelie.
  3. Use these items to locate Iron Coins, a new currency used throughout the Lost Riches event.
  4. After earning 280 Iron Coins, a Mini Seelie pet can be purchased.

In order to participate in the Lost Riches event, players need to be at least Adventure Rank 20 and have completed Prologue: Act 1 in the main story.

Which Seelie pet should I choose?

Mini Seelie pets are only available during the Lost Riches event and each player may only buy one of the three that are available to purchase. This makes Seelie Pets a hot commodity in Genshin Impact, prompting players to wonder which one they should choose.

Here are the three Mini Seelie pets available to pick from during the Lost Riches Genshin Impact event:

  • Dayflower — Blue Mini Seelie pet
  • Rosé — Pink Mini Seelie pet
  • Curcuma — Yellow/Gold Mini Seelie pet

Genshin Impact Lost Riches event start date and time

The Genshin Impact Lost Riches event starts Friday, January 8 at 10 am local time in each server region.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches event end date and time

The limited-time Genshin Impact Lost Riches event concludes on Monday, January 18 at 4 am local time in each server region.

Which Mini Seelie pet a person should choose depends entirely upon their personal taste. Users should select the color that best fits their style, as the Seelie pets only differ cosmetically.

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