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How to fix Hitman 3 ‘Connection Failed’ error

Players encountering the Hitman 3 “Connection Failed” error will be looking for a fix. Despite being a single-player game, being able to connect to the internet activates a number of features that help enhance the game. From leaderboards to special contracts, there’s a lot to like about Hitman 3‘s online activities. Here’s how to fix the Hitman 3 “Connection Failed” error.

Hitman 3 “Connection Failed” error fix

Hitman 3 'Connection Failed' error fix

To fix the Hitman 3 “Connection Failed” error, players will want to do the following:

  • Hit the “Retry” button.
    • At the time of writing, Hitman 3 has recently launched. It can sometimes experience hiccups in its online connection and performance. Selecting the “Retry” button can often fix the problem.
  • Choose to “Go Offline.”
    • While Hitman 3 has a number of online features that help to make gameplay more interesting, they aren’t essential to playing the game. Going offline is a quick fix to repeat connection issues.
  • Monitor Hitman social media.
    • Developer IO Interactive has proven to be quite transparent in unexpected downtime or other issues impacting players. The IOI Twitter handle is worth monitoring.
  • Make sure your internet connection is stable.
    • It’s always worth checking that your own internet is working before blaming in the game.

The Hitman 3 “Connection Failed” error message is accompanied by the following description:

Unable to connect to the Hitman service. Failed to fetch version information for the Hitman server. Please check your internet connection. For more information, contract Hitman support.

While it’s possible to “Go Offline” and enjoy Hitman 3 gameplay, online features will be unavailable until the game is able to successfully connect to the internet. For some, this won’t be a problem, but for those chasing online scores and participating in events, it could be very frustrating.

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