Is there a WhatsApp customer service number?

WhatsApp has been in hot water recently, largely owing to some controversial policy changes. Throw in the usual technical issues, however, and users have been looking to call the WhatsApp customer service number in their droves. Trouble is, the WhatsApp helpline phone number isn’t easy to find. So, is there a WhatApp call center? Or do app users need to get in touch via different means? Here’s the need-to-know on ringing WhatsApp support.

What is the WhatsApp customer service number?

Whatsapp customer service number

With rumors of an “infectious hack” and many people switching to Signal for a more secure user experience, WhatsApp customer service agents are likely very busy at the moment. Still, it’s important that app users can voice their concerns and have their problems addressed — be they technical or ethical.

WhatsApp users can contact the support team in various ways, depending on the nature of their inquiry. Unfortunately, speaking to a customer service staff member over the phone isn’t an option, as there is no WhatsApp customer service number to call.

How to contact WhatsApp

Customers can send any alternate correspondence via mail to the WhatsApp corporate address:

WhatsApp Ireland Limited

4 Grand Canal Square

Grand Canal Harbour

Dublin 2


Although it isn’t as quick and convenient as making a phone call, in the absence of a WhatsApp customer service line, the above options will have to suffice.

Having taken issue with WhatsApp policy, as previously mentioned, many users are currently in the process of switching to the Signal instant messaging app. The Signal application received an endorsement from influential Tesla CEO Elon Musk, which no doubt played a part in knocking the servers offline due to a massive spike in popularity.