Apple TV 2021 | 6th Gen release date, rumors, HDMI 2.1, features, and more

There’s almost certainly going to be an Apple TV 2021 model, which will mark the Apple TV’s sixth generation. It’s been nearly four years since the Apple TV 4K hit the shelves, which marks one of Apple‘s most extended gaps between device releases. We’ll discuss potential Apple TV 2021 release dates and whether or not the fifth-generation Apple TV will be discontinued below.

When will the Apple TV 2021 be released?

There hasn’t been a steady release date for the Apple TV since its inception in 2007. Unlike the iPhone, which ships in September every year (though it was delayed to October last year due to COVID), the Apple TV 2021 could come out at any time.

We would bet that if the company hosts an event in March, it’ll be announced there. If not, we’d expect to see it after WWDC in June or the yearly keynote in September. However, Apple may decide to release the new Apple TV at any time without an event.

What will the Apple TV 2021 specs be?

Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV sixth generation has a tough product to beat. Even though it’s been three and a half years since the Apple TV 4K came out, it’s still a competent device. Its A10X Fusion CPU is still just as speedy as it was on launch day, and nothing is stopping it from being useful for years to come. In fact, on a surface level, the Apple TV 2021 will likely be indistinguishable from its predecessor.

What we’re most likely to see with the new Apple TV sixth-gen is future-proofing. The company will likely update the CPU to a variation of the A13 or A14. We’ll also probably see a few more GBs of RAM installed. The biggest change, though, would be an upgrade to HDMI 2.1. This would allow the Apple TV to show higher framerate 4K content and make it 8K ready. HDMI 2.1 is yet to receive wide adoption, but we’d be surprised if Apple omitted it given the long period between Apple TV refreshes.

Will the Apple TV 4K be discontinued?

The previous model of Apple TV has always been discontinued when a new device launches. However, as stated above, the Apple TV 4K is still a very capable device. Most users won’t experience any lag or playback issues when using any app. Given that it’s not outdated when it comes to performance and features, we believe that the Apple TV 2021 will be introduced as a “pro” model and be sold alongside the Apple TV 4K.

Apple has stated in the past that it wanted to grow its set-top box market share. So, it would make sense that the company discount the Apple TV 4K, which is enough for most customers, and introduce an Apple TV Pro at a higher price for enthusiasts who want to upgrade to the latest and greatest. This would follow the pattern it has taken lately with the iPhone and iPad lines, as well.