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Black Ops Cold War Gold Numbers | Why do some players have golden ranks?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players have noticed something strange on lobby screens. While most player ranks appear white, other numbers are golden. So, what’s with the Black Ops Cold War gold numbers? Is it possible to customize rank color in CoD: Black Ops Cold War? Here’s the lowdown on how to get a gold rank in lobbies.

CoD: Black Ops Cold War Gold Ranks | How to get the golden numbers

Black Ops Cold War gold numbers

In competitive games and sports, including Call of Duty, gold generally indicates which team or individual is the best. As such, it’s no wonder that Black Ops Cold War players want to know how to get the golden number ranking. Fortunately, unlocking the gold rank number should come naturally over time.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players display gold numbers as their rank in lobbies after passing Level 200 in the current season. To unlock the golden number ranking, simply keep playing in order to reach 200+ in the active CoD season. Each season has a max rank of 1,000, but users only need to climb 20% of the way there to go gold.

The Black Ops Cold War rank numbers are gold only in pre and post-match lobbies. During gameplay, anyone that brings up the in-game scoreboard will see all players’ rank numbers appear in white. This applies to all users, wherever they rank between 200 and 1,000.

Since it isn’t possible to lose ranks, after getting the gold number players will hold onto it for the remainder of the active CoD: Black Ops Cold War season. When the next season begins, however, users must reach Level 200+ again in order to earn it back.

Although the next season will bring about a golden rank reset, which can be a bit of a bummer, it should also introduce some exciting new weapons. When the time comes, however, there’s a handy Zombies fast leveling glitch that can help to speed up getting the gold numbers back.

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