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Valheim console commands not working fix

A lot of Valheim players have been using console command cheats to give themselves an easier time. Others tackling the challenging survival game haven’t been so lucky, however. People are falling victim to an issue with Valheim console commands not working on PC. So, what’s the deal? Is there an easy fix? Here’s the need-to-know on solving broken Valheim cheats.

What is the Valheim console commands not working fix?

Valheim console commands not working

Most players resort to using console commands after becoming frustrated with Valheim’s more obtuse mechanics, so it’s especially annoying when activating cheats also has a barrier to entry. Fortunately, if the Valheim cheat console commands aren’t working, there are some simple workarounds.

How to fix Valheim console commands not working

  1. Make sure that the Valheim developer console is enabled
    1. In your Steam library, right click on Valheim, then click Properties
    2. Type “-console” (without quotation marks) into the Launch Options dialog
  2. Once in-game, press F5 to bring up the Valheim console
    • If the console doesn’t appear, make sure it’s enabled by following the steps above
  3. Within the console, type “devcommands” to activate cheats
    • You’ll know you’ve entered the command correctly when you see a warning about using cheats
    • The old command “imacheater” no longer works — see details below
  4. Make sure you enter commands correctly; all item values are case sensitive
  5. If playing online, the user must be a server host or admin
    • Mileage may vary, as some players report that certain commands don’t work regardless
  6. Play solo in an offline world

It’s worth mentioning that the method required to activate cheats changed with update version 0.148.6. The developer console was previously enabled by default, but it isn’t anymore. If F5 isn’t showing the console command menu, it’s because you need to enable the Valheim console by following the directions featured in step one above.

Playing solo and following the steps featured above will ensure that all Valheim console command cheats work properly. However, any restrictions that may be placed on cheating in online servers are not yet totally clear, and are subject to change in future updates.

There are user reports online that dedicated server hosts are no longer able to use cheat commands that they could originally. As a result, players are speculating that the developers could’ve quietly cracked down on the practice in an update. In the absence of any comment from the developer, however, that’s just speculation.

Valheim is a Steam Early Access product, so it’s also possible that there’s some sort of console command bug. Stay tuned to GameRevolution for updates as the situation develops.

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