Is Roblox adding voice chat?

Considering how popular Roblox is, it’s kinda surprising that the game doesn’t already have dedicated voice comms. But, is Roblox adding voice chat in 2021? Here’s the lowdown on voice chat communication coming to the popular PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S game.

Will Roblox get voice chat? (2021)

Is Roblox adding voice chat?

Roblox has had in-game text chat for a long time, though players that want to talk have always had to write “mic up” and then transition to a third-party app. Part of the reason for this is the low average age of the game’s player base; whereas safe chat can turn profanity into hashtags and effectively monitor written communication, policing voice chat to ensure it’s safe is much more difficult. Despite the potential difficulties, is Roblox Corporation planning to add voice chat?

Yes, Roblox is adding voice communication. The long-awaited feature is coming in the future, though there isn’t an exact Roblox voice chat release date yet. Developers are currently investigating a “safe voice chat” feature that will help to protect children from hearing anything unsavory.

It isn’t yet clear what form Roblox safe voice chat will take. It could be something basic, like preventing 13+ accounts from chatting with those under the age of 13. Alternatively, a more advanced approach would be to automatically censor bad language through the use of voice recognition software.

The latter could be costly, but with the immense popularity of Roblox and its recent direct listing on the NYSE, it’s not like the devs are short on funding. Ultimately, however, only time will tell — stay tuned for updates.

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