Bravely Default 2 New Game Plus | Is there post-game content?

Bravely Default 2, the bravely-named third entry in the RPG series, is out now on Nintendo Switch. Even though most players are just getting their hands on it for the first time, many are already wondering about the post-game content. So, is there a Bravely Default 2 new game plus mode? Here’s the need-to-know on NG+ support in the latest installment.

Bravely Default 2 NG+ | Is there a new game plus mode?

Bravely Default 2 new game plus

A lot of players look to squeeze as much longevity out of their purchases as possible, which can make post-completion content a must. That goes for Bravely Default 2, as well. Predecessor Bravely Second features a new game plus mode, though, does BD2 have post-game content to keep players coming back for more?

Yes, there is a Bravely Default 2 new game plus mode. Users unlock new game+ after completing BD2, allowing them to start a new playthrough while carrying over progress. Bravely Default 2 NG+ lets players transfer elements such as jobs and items from a completed game save to an all-new one.

Be sure to save after completing the game in order to gain access to the BD2 NG+ feature. Without a finished save file to load, unfortunately, it isn’t possible to access the Bravely Default 2 new game+ mode.

Anyone looking to mix things up in a second playthrough may want to study all of the Bravely Default 2 jobs and classes. There are tons on offer, presenting users with the opportunity to continue growing and experimenting throughout a new game plus run.

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