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Valheim Canceled: Is the survival game shutting down? (2021)

Valheim went from unheard of to a worldwide sensation almost overnight. Although achieving that level of success is great, explosive growth comes with a lot of pressure. As a result of that, did developer Iron Gate really cancel the full version of its Steam Early Access title? Are the Valheim canceled rumors true? Here’s the latest on the apparent cancelation of this Norse survival game.

Has the developer canceled Valheim?

Valheim canceled cancelled

Although Valheim is currently available to purchase and play via Steam for Windows and Linux on PC, it isn’t a complete game. The devs are still updating it regularly and should continue to do so for a long time to come, until, eventually, the game is content complete. Due to following the Steam Early Access release method, however, the developer has the ability to cancel at any time.

Fortunately, Valheim has not been canceled. Iron Gate’s popular survival game is not shutting down in 2021. Rumors of Valheim’s cancelation are not accurate, as there are no official plans to close the game down anytime soon.

The Valheim shutdown rumors seemingly began thanks to a Neebs Gaming video from March 18, 2021. It’s titled “Valheim is Cancelled!?! What was the REAL Problem?” By the channel’s own admission, that is “absolutely” clickbait. Although the commentators immediately address this, many users likely read the title without watching the video for added context.

Valheim is incredibly popular and consistently one of the best-selling games on Steam. Keeping that in mind, the chance of Iron Gate canceling Valheim is very slim.

There’s still plenty of new content planned for Valheim and set to release throughout 2021; it’s all detailed in the content roadmap.

After discovering a Thor Easter egg, Valheim players are hopeful that more interactions with Norse gods are on the way.

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