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Red Dead Online weekly update bonuses for March 23

The Red Dead Online weekly update for this week has been revealed, with the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer mode receiving new bonuses, rewards, discounts, and limited-time clothing.

This week’s new update featured double the amount of dollars and XP for A Land of Opportunities and A New Source of Employment missions, while races also offer the same rewards as part of this week’s Featured Series. Posse Rewards include 30% off a Stable Slot, while saddles and horse equipment are also discounted.

RDO weekly update bonuses

red dead online weekly update march 23 bonuses

Here are this week’s Red Dead Online weekly update notes:

  • Double RDO$ and XP in all Missions for A Land of Opportunities and A New Source of Employment
  • Double RDO$ and XP in all Races, as part of this week’s Featured Series
  • Posse Rewards: An Offer for 30% off a Stable Slot for anyone who plays in a Posse this week, plus all Persistent Posse setup fees are waived
  • New Discounts: 50% off all Saddles and Horse Equipment (Saddlebags, Stirrups, Blankets, Horns, Bedrolls), 40% off everything at Wilderness Outfitters (including Camp Dogs), all Moonshiner Bar Themes and the Band Expansion, plus 30% off all Horses, Coats, Ponchos, and Bandoliers
  • Returning Limited-Time clothing is still available: The Fernwater Coat, Hopeman Vest, Morning Tail Coat, Strickland Boots, Vaquero Baroque Spurs, Squat
  • Stovepipe Top Hat, Hitched Skirt, Concho Pants, and the Gardenia Hat
  • Ongoing Prime Gaming Benefits: Rewards for a free Bounty Hunter License, an Award for the Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery for all players who connect their Social Club accounts
  • Prime Gaming Discounts: Players who connect to Prime Gaming before April 12th will receive an Offer for 40% off any Saddle, plus 30% off select Multi-Class
  • Horses and select Horse Care Pamphlets from the Fence

Red Dead Online weekly update time

The RDO weekly update time was 10:30 AM ET/7:30 AM PT/2:30 PM GMT this week, with Rockstar pushing the new content live slightly earlier than usual. Typically, the new updates go live on the hour.

The update is free to download on all platforms, with it providing players with the bonuses highlighted above.

In other news, a new report has claimed that Sony is shutting down its PS3 and PS Vita stores. Fall Guys also recently quadrupled its player base with its new Season 4.