Magic: Legends Open Beta: Is there a PS4 and Xbox One version?

Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering CCG is transitioning into an ARPG. Magic: Legends channels the Diablo series while also tapping into years of rich lore. It’s a dream project for many, which, naturally, means there’s a ton of excitement surrounding the beta. But, is the Magic: Legends open beta available on consoles? Here’s the lowdown on whether or not it’s possible to download and play the free public beta for PS4 and Xbox One.

Is there a Magic: Legends console open beta for PlayStation and Xbox?

Magic Legends open beta PS4 and Xbox One

Fans of the Magic franchise have been anticipating Magic: Legends for a while now. The ongoing open beta marks many players’ first chance to get their hands on the title, making the free download a hot commodity. While PC gamers are actively enjoying the game, console users are wondering where the digital store listing is.

Is there a Magic: Legends PS4 open beta?

The Magic: Legends open beta is live now on PC. Users can participate by downloading the public beta test from either the Epic Games Store or the Arc Games storefront. Currently, there is no Magic: Legends PS4 open beta. Unfortunately, users may need to wait for the final game to launch on PlayStation in order to experience Magic: Legends on Sony’s console.

Stay tuned for any further updates on a potential Magic: Legends open beta for PS4.

Is there a Magic: Legends Xbox One open beta?

Users can download the Magic: Legends open beta on PC for free, via Arc Games and EGS. There is no Magic: Legends Xbox One open beta at the time of writing. The finished version of this Magic: The Gathering ARPG will launch on Xbox One and also be playable on Series X|S hardware.

Currently, there is no exact Magic: Legends release date on any platform. The game will launch at some point in 2021, but hopefully, it won’t be too long until console players finally get their fill.

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