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Is there Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer scaling?

Monster Hunter Rise is playable solo and/or co-op online. While having that choice is great, are those that play in single-player mode placing themselves at a disadvantage? Is there MH Rise multiplayer difficulty scaling on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite? Here’s the lowdown regarding Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer scaling.

Does Monster Hunter Rise have multiplayer difficulty scaling?

Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer scaling

Yes, Monster Hunter Rise has multiplayer scaling. The more users in an online MH Rise co-op session, the harder the game becomes. For example, the same quest will be more difficult with four players than it would be with just two or three.

Capcom implemented MHR difficulty scaling in multiplayer to preserve the game’s balance. If the level of challenge didn’t increase in proportion to the number of players in a session, larger groups could easily steamroll enemies. While solo play would still work as intended, without scaling, online would be a total cakewalk and ruin the Monster Hunter experience.

With that said, having a well-coordinated unit can give larger teams an edge. With different players filling unique roles and each playing to their strengths, users can gain an advantage over smaller groups. This is highly dependant on the level of skill and communication that the players share, though.

Fans of the series should already be familiar with how the system works, as it’s a franchise mainstay. Newcomers, meanwhile, even if unaware, have likely already encountered the system elsewhere. Most cooperative multiplayer titles feature some degree of difficulty scaling in order to keep the gameplay exciting.

And exciting MH Rise certainly is, feeling like a “step forward” for the already immensely popular franchise. For more thoughts on the latest Monster Hunter game, check out GameRevolution’s review.

Difficulty scaling helps to ensure that most players haven’t powered through to the end just yet, but when the time comes, here’s all the info on Monster Hunter Rise endgame content.

Getting there will probably require crafting and upgrading new gear. That process requires gathering materials like Amber Fang, Quality Fin, and Big Fin.