How to get a free HBO Max account for Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

Users can get a free HBO Max account in 2021 in a few ways, with plenty looking for a free account or free trial in order to watch content like the newly released Godzilla vs. Kong. So how can you get a free account for HBO Max? Let’s take a look.

How to get a HBO Max free trial and account in 2021

how to get free hbo max account 2021

Outside of obtaining a promo code from other users, you can get a HBO Max free trial or account either through your Hulu or AT&T accounts. To do this, you must sign up or be an existing customer to either Hulu or AT&T, then activate the trial or account.

Here’s how you can do just that:

HBO Max with Hulu

A free trial for HBO Max can be acquired with Hulu. While you’ll still be charged for your Hulu account, it’s a third of the price of a HBO Max account.

  • Go to Hulu
  • Sign up for the base plan ($5.99 per month)
  • Activate your HBO Max 7-day free trial

You will need to deactivate your free trial before it begins to charge you if you’re only looking to acquire it to watch Godzilla vs. Kong and not keep your HBO Max account.

HBO Max with AT&T

If you’re an AT&T customer or you’re looking to become one, you can get a free HBO Max account included with your package.

  • Go to AT&T
  • Sign up to one of its packages (starting at $50 per month)
  • Activate your free HBO Max account

If you’re an existing customer, you will already have access to HBO Max so you can sign up as part of your package. This will let you download the HBO Max app and begin watching Godzilla vs. Kong and other HBO shows and films for free.

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