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Outriders Transmog: Can you skin gear?

There’s some awesome-looking gear in Outriders, and a transmog system would allow players to enjoy it without worrying about stats (especially if it goes well with their build). Most loot shooters have a system that lets players skin their gear so they can enjoy the aesthetic but still upgrade to better weapons and armor. There is a way to keep a piece of equipment relevant throughout the game, but players will be disappointed in Outrider’s transmog possibilities.

Does Outriders have transmog or skins?

Outriders Legendary Gear Transmog Skins

Outriders didn’t launch with a transmog system. Also, despite there being variations between pieces of gear, there are no skins or cosmetic additions for the player to apply to them. However, there is a way to keep using a favorite piece of gear throughout the game.

Once players reach the First City, they’ll obtain the ability to upgrade their gear. This includes raising gear rarity, level, mods, and more. So, if an Outrider likes the way a particular piece of gear looks, they can continue to upgrade it as the game goes on.

However, it’s best to save upgrade resources until the endgame. Players will accrue so much loot over the course of the game that it’s not worth dedicating to one particular piece until Legendary rarity items start dropping.

Hopefully, in a future update, People Can Fly will add a transmog and cosmetic system to the game. Even the lowest tier gear looks cool, and it’d be great to have cosmetic and regular gear slots to craft a custom look for the Outrider. This is especially true since the game doesn’t have any microtransactions, which means the transmog experience would likely be a lot less frustrating than in other games of this type.

For now, players will have to make do with using the upgrade system to keep their favorite pieces of gear relevant. Fortunately, there’s a sizable stash to store the weapons and armor that look coolest, and upgrades are very affordable.