PS5 Not connecting to Wi-Fi internet fix

There are a few common issues that result in the PS5 not connecting to the internet. Especially for players who make use of Wi-Fi connectivity, PlayStation 5 network issues can be hard to sort out. Thankfully, there are some common troubleshooting steps to help your PS5 connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and resume wireless gaming.

How to fix PS5 not connecting to Wi-Fi network

How to fix PS5 not connecting to Wi-Fi network

In many cases, the PS5 cannot connect to the internet over Wi-Fi if it’s out of range or is experiencing an intermittent wireless signal. If the PlayStation 5 cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network at all, you’ll need to fix the problem by running through some home network diagnostics.

While that advice may seem vague or complicated, the actual solutions are fairly simple. In most cases, this issue can be fixed by ensuring you’ve got a strong connection. Specifically, you need to focus on the connection between the console and your Wi-Fi modem, router, or gateway. Here’s what you should do first.

  1. Ensure that your home network can reach the internet
    • Try to load a website on another device in your household. If there’s no internet connection at all, you may need to contact your internet service provider
  2. Check on the PSN server status
    • While PSN outages won’t necessarily stop you from reaching the internet, the PS5 relies on a number of PSN services for online functions. If they’re down, you’ll likely run into a variety of connection issues
  3. Restart the PlayStation 5
    • Go for a full power cycle by completely shutting down the console; don’t merely put the system into rest mode
  4. Power cycle your modem or router
    • Pull the power cable, then wait ten seconds or so before plugging it back in
  5. If possible, move your PS5 closer to your Wi-Fi router
    • The system needs a stable connection to remain connected to the internet. Weak or dropped signals can register as a complete lack of Wi-Fi availability. This can even be a problem when using mobile tethering
  6. Alternatively, try switching to a wired Ethernet connection
    • Ethernet connections are both more stable and easier to manage than wireless connections
  7. Finally, run the PS5 network check by heading to Settings > Network > Connection Status > Test Internet Connection
    • The PS5 network check will reveal any other problems that may be preventing you from reaching the internet, such as NAT type errors or slow download speeds

By following the steps above, you’ll ensure that your home network has internet access, and that the PlayStation can successfully reach the internet through your network.

If your PS5 is not connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi, chances are good there’s something wrong with your home network. Basic network troubleshooting should sort out the problem. However, if everything seems fine but the PS5 still cannot connect to Wi-Fi networks, try running through the Fix and Connect steps over on the PlayStation support website.