Box art - Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil Village Demo: What is the Crystal Fragment?

The Resident Evil Village demo is out now, although it’s only available for certain platforms at different times and dates. Now fans have had a taste they’re already digging through the RE Village demo to find all of its secrets, despite the time limit, and by far the most intriguing is the Resident Evil Village demo Crystal Fragment. Do these Crystal Fragments serve any purpose, and are there more of them?

Where to use the Resident Evil Village demo Crystal Fragments

There are actually at least two RE Village demo Crystal Fragments, although their purpose may be more mysterious than demo players are hoping for right now.

The first Resident Evil Village Crystal Fragment can be found in the church where you first discover the Maiden Crest, the statue dial that you need for the puzzle that completes the game. Look up in the rafters and you can see a glinting light indicating an object hanging in the centre of a particularly creepy framed picture. It’s hanging just out of reach, so you’ll need to pull out your pistol and shoot it down. Upon examining it, you’ll see that it’s a Crystal Fragment, which is filed under “Treasure” in your inventory.

The next Crystal Fragment is in the Maiden of War statue at the center of the crossroads. You’ll see it in the eye of the goat on the statue, just shoot it and collect the Fragment. If you take on and kill the werewolves in the field later on in the demo, one of them drops a Crystal Skull, which may be connected to the Fragments.

As for what the Resident Evil Village demo Crystal Fragments are used for, they may have a further purpose in the main game, but as far as is known right now they can just be collected and sold to the merchant called Duke, presumably for a high price. In the demo, however, they serve no particular purpose as Duke isn’t here yet, making these Crystal Fragments another example of why the Resident Evil Village demo is confusing fans.