Is there a First Class Trouble Xbox One or Xbox Series X release?

If you’re looking for a new murder mystery title in the style of Among Us but less cartoonish, First Class Trouble is well worth a look, as it’s a neat combination of Among Us, BioShock, and The Ship. In the game, Residents must work together to shut down the evil AI C.A.I.N. while avoiding the murderous robot traitors called Personoids hiding amongst them, ready to strike. The First Class Trouble Steam early access is out now, and the game’s confirmed for PS4, but can players expect to see a First Class Trouble Xbox One or Xbox Series X release date too? Is it planned for Xbox consoles at all?

When will we hear about the First Class Trouble Xbox One release date?

At this current moment, the general First Class Trouble release date on all platforms has not been confirmed, and while it’s out now on PC via Steam early access and a First Class Trouble PS4 version is in the works, a First Class Trouble Xbox One version is more of a mystery.

The developer lists the First Class Trouble PlayStation version on their website, presumably meaning a PS4 release, but there is no mention of a First Class Trouble Xbox release on Xbox One or even an Xbox Series X release. There is no particular reason why First Class Trouble would be exclusive to PS4 on consoles by choice, unless Sony is offering them financial support, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

As Invisible Walls is a small developer, it is likely they are only able to work on the PlayStation release first. Nevertheless, the developer estimates that the First Class Trouble PC beta is going to be in early access for approximately 6-12 months, so it’s entirely possible that a First Class Trouble Xbox One announcement could happen when the game’s ready to come out of early access. The game continues to receive regular updates, with the patch dropping today, and you can find the First Class Trouble patch notes for that right here.

If you want to stick with Among Us for now but are getting bored with the default roles, you may want to try bringing some new roles into the game to spice things up.