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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [PROLOGUE] Imperial Audience + World State Impact Chart (VIDEO)

After escaping the Wild Hunt you end up at Emperor Emhyr var Emreis's castle and must speak to him about Ciri. If you choose to generate a world state for Witcher 2 this is the point where you can do that by speaking with Commander Morvan Voorhls as you get a shave. This option is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


Arjan LaValetteIf Geralt killed Arjan than your encounter with Molly during the "Broken Flowers" main quest will be significantly different.
Roche or Iorveth pathHas a small impact on a conversation with Roche during "The Great Escape" main quest
Sile de TansarvilleIf she is dead she will not appear during "The Great Escape" quest
LethoIf Letho is alive than the "Ghosts of the Past" secondary quest becomes available
If Letho is dead than the "Ghosts of the Past" secondary quest is unavailable


After your shave the Chamberlin will tell you to get dressed and then ask you if you know how to bow. You can have him show you or tell him you know what to do. 

HOW TO BOW ANSWER: Extend left leg forward, place right hand on chest

GAMER TIP: Take all three sets of clothes from the rack you can sell what you don't wear later or break it down into crafting material. And loot as much as possible as you follow the Chamberlin through thecastle there are a lot of crafting materials.



Once you meet with Emperor Emhyr Var Emreis you will have the option to bow or not to bow. Depending on what you choose he will either be nice to you at the start of the conversation or be mean. However it has little impact on the immediate quest as the conversation will always come back to Ciri and how you must find her. If you do not bow Emhyr's Chamberlin will mention that he is now in trouble with the Emperor. 

GAMER TIP: If you want to play through and see how these kind of small choices have consequences I would suggest fielding two saves if you can. Witcher games are notorious for having significantly different experiences as the game progresses depending on little decisions like choosing to bow or not.


After meeting with Emhyr you can follow the Chamberlin to Yennefer and speak with her. After your conversation she will leave and you will need to speak with Chamberlin in order to complete the quest. 

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