Lost Souls Aside PC Release Date: Steam or Epic Games Store?

Despite being in development for several years, impressive hack-and-slash title Lost Soul Aside finally received a big new gameplay reveal trailer that confirmed the game will be released on PS5. However, what about a Lost Soul Aside PC release date? Is the game confirmed for PC, and perhaps more importantly, will there be a Lost Soul Aside Steam or Epic Games Store release?

Is there a Lost Soul Aside PC release date?

Lost Soul Aside PC release date

At this exact moment in time, there is no Lost Soul Aside PC release date — in fact, there is no confirmed release date of any kind. The developer did hope to release the game before the end of 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic seems to have pushed development back a lot. It’s entirely possible a release date will get announced at the China PlayStation Press Conference 2021 on April 29, however, so we should wait and see for now.

The good news for PC owners hoping to get a taste of the game’s impressive fast-paced combat is that a Lost Soul Aside PC release was confirmed at the start of the game’s development, and as UltiZero Games is a Chinese developer they have the most interest in releasing the game on PC, since consoles aren’t as popular in China.

As for whether there will be a Lost Soul Aside Steam release or if it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive, Sony’s involvement seems to suggest that it could well appear on both platforms simultaneously. Days Gone will soon make the transition to PC and that’s coming out on both Steam and Epic’s platforms. Alternatively, fellow Chinese-developed action title Bright Memory: Infinite is exclusive to Steam on PC, so Bing Yang and UltiZero may go that route instead.

Either way, Lost Soul Aside is definitely coming to PC, even if a release date and the exact method of availability is not yet confirmed. However, don’t hold your breath for an Xbox release as that’s far more unlikely, at least for now.