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New Pokemon Snap: What star ratings mean and how to get 4 stars

New Pokemon Snap star ratings can be confusing for new players. With your photos being graded in two different ways, it can be difficult to know how to raise your rating and get all four stars. So what do star ratings mean in New Pokemon Snap, and how can you get 4-star photos? Here’s all you need to know.

What are star ratings in New Pokemon Snap?

new pokemon snap star ratings

Star ratings are essentially different types of behavior each Pokemon can display that you can take a photo of. Traditionally, a one-star behavior is the Pokemon simply walking around, while two stars in them eating, and three and four-star behaviors are them posing.

Fortunately, New Pokemon Snap lets you know which star rating each photo will earn you before you send them to Professor Mirror for analysis. However, just because you’ve earned a particular star rating doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve taken a good photo. Your star rating combines with the numerical score you receive for each photo, which takes into account various factors such as the size of the Pokemon in the shot, the background, and how central they are.

To receive a platinum rating — the highest star value in the game — you will need to achieve a score of over 4,000 points. You can receive a platinum rating regardless of the star level of your photo.

How to get 4-star photos in New Pokemon Snap

To get 4-star photos in New Pokemon Snap, you will need to take a photo of a Pokemon that performs a particularly rare pose. Each Pokemon has its own 4-star pose, so it’s just a case of you figuring out how to get them to display it so you can photograph it.

For example, an easy four-star photo can be obtained in the Florio Nature Park on Florio Island with the Illumina Orbs. There’s a Bouffalant that can be found in the final flowery field you enter in the course, which is differentiated by it wearing a floral crown. If you throw an Illumina Orb at it, it rears up onto its hind legs, giving you a quick and easy 4-star photo in the process.

New Pokemon Snap players have also been wondering how many levels are in the game and how many Pokemon can be photographed in those levels. Fans have also been requesting a multiplayer mode to play with their friends.