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New Pokemon Snap: How to complete In the Tall Grass request

The New Pokemon Snap In the Tall Grass request can be confusing to complete, given that there isn’t much information provided aside from it involving a “crying Pokemon.” So how do you do the In the Tall Grass Request in Pokemon Snap 2?

New Pokemon Snap: In the Tall Grass guide

new pokemon snap how to complete in the tall grass

To complete In the Tall Grass, you must go to the Jungle (Day) level. You will be required to take a photo of Sobble, who you will need to lure out of a bush with fruit. The Sobble’s location can be found in the final stretch of the level, in the land situated next to the lake with the waterfall. After taking a photo of Sobble, you will complete the request.

The general location of the Sobble can be found in the request itself, which reads: “I think I heard a Pokemon crying around here. But where’s it coming from?”

However, you will need to use your scanner in order to find the Pokemon’s exact whereabouts. The Sobble will be marked as ‘???’ on your scanner, and when you approach it, you will need to throw fluffruit at it in order to get it to come out of its hiding place. When it appears, take a photo of it moving to get a 1-star photo, or a photo of it eating the fruit to get a 2-star photo.

After you’ve taken the photo and had it analyzed by Professor Mirror, you will have completed the In the Tall Grass request. Go to your requests page on the home screen by pressing Y, scroll to the request, and then select it in order to unlock the sticker that it rewards you.

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