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How to fix New Pokemon Snap requests not working

If you find New Pokemon Snap requests not working, this can prevent you from handing in your photos and receiving gifts as you progress. This can be irritating, especially considering that players often find that their LenTalk requests are won’t complete despite them having taken the photo requested of them. Here’s how to fix this issue.

New Pokemon Snap requests not working fix

new pokemon snap requests arent working bug

If your requests aren’t working in New Pokemon Snap, it is likely due to you having already handed in the photo for evaluation before receiving the request. Players have reported that there’s a bug that requires them to submit a photo with the same or higher star rating in order to complete a request, if they have previously submitted a similar photo for evaluation.

For example, if you are trying to complete the Scorched Earth request which requires you to take a photo of Emolga electrifying fruit, but you have already submitted a similar photo before you received the request, you will need to take a similar or better photo to complete the request. This is seemingly a bug, as requests should be completed regardless of their star quality.

However, it could also be the result of you not having evaluated the photo or not meeting the request’s requirements. When you take a photo for a LenTalk request, you will need to also hand it in for evaluation with Professor Mirror at the end of the level. If you don’t have the photo evaluated, then the request will not register as complete. To complete a request, you must go to the LenTalk menu and hand it in.

If you’ve taken a photo before the request has become available to you, it will also not be completed. The game will only register requests as being completed if you’ve taken the photo after it appeared in LenTalk.

A more frustrating problem with requests can occur if you haven’t followed the exact requirements laid out by the game. Some of these can be vague, meaning that players can repeatedly send in a photo for evaluation that they believe matches the requirements, only for the request to remain uncompleted. Make sure that you’re abiding by what the request requires in order to complete it.

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