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Resident Evil Village ‘Some force could break it’: How to open box

The Resident Evil Village “Some force could break it” message is a little ambiguous. It’s not exactly clear what kind of force is needed to break open boxes. Thankfully, the answer is quite simple and comes in the form of one of RE8’s key items. Here’s how to open boxes in Resident Evil 8.

How to open boxes in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Some force could break it

To open boxes in Resident Evil Village, players must use a knife or weapon to break them.

Luckily for players who don’t want to waste ammo breaking open boxes, a knife can be found immediately after encountering the first yellow box. It’s located on the table and highlighted by a nearby lamp. It’s difficult to miss.

If a player somehow fails to pick the knife up at this stage, it can be bought from The Duke later on. From the castle onwards, The Duke can be bartered with for various goods including missed weapons. In addition to the knife, missed weapons like the shotgun can be bought, albeit for a relatively steep price.

Breaking open boxes, vases, cabinets, and other objects is key to stocking up on healing items, ammo, and crafting materials. It’s always worth swinging a knife through a potentially breakable object to see if there are any goodies hiding within.

Now that players know how to break open boxes, it’s time to take that knife and start slashing at the nearest bit of wood or ceramic.

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New players will want to spend money on these items first. They will make the game much easier to handle.

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