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How to survive spike trap in Resident Evil Village

Knowing how to survive the spike trap in Resident Evil Village is necessary to get through this terrifying Heisenberg game show experience. With a rather harsh checkpoint putting players right back at the start of the sequence, getting past the RE8 spike trap on the first or second attempt is a must to avoid growing tired of the dodging and ducking and inevitably turning into ground meat. Here’s how to avoid the spike trap in Resident Evil 8.

How to get past the spike trap in Resident Evil Village

How to survive spike trap

To get past the spike trap in Resident Evil village, players must immediately move to the back left of the room and hide in the small crevice.

It’s not immediately obvious, especially with the dark environment cursing Ethan with low visibility, but there’s a small gap for players to squeeze into. Simply jump into the spike trap area and then quickly dart into the corner. Instead of being chopped to pieces, Ethan will instead use the trap to cut his binds and free himself.

Heisenburg mistakenly assumes Ethan dies here, but that isn’t the case. Instead, Ethan is able to make his way out of the game show-esque arena and begin to explore the castle.

It might be tempting to try and crawl under the spike trap or slash at the two boxes, but players will want to heed the advice in this guide and get into the back left corner as soon as possible to guarantee survival.

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