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Is there a Resident Evil Village DLC roadmap?

Resident Evil 8 only just came out, though survival horror fans are already hungry for more. Now that players have their hands on the game itself, questions are turning to the Resident Evil Village DLC roadmap. But, does Capcom have free RE8 updates and premium downloadable content planned? Here’s the latest on a Resi Village content roadmap.

Is RE8 DLC coming?

Resident Evil Village DLC roadmap

Resident Evil Village is getting a free multiplayer component this summer. Leaks indicate that the standalone mode, Re:Verse, will receive post-launch support via an extensive DLC roadmap.

As for Resident Evil Village single-player DLC, it’s currently unknown whether or not plans are in place for new RE8 solo content. The game’s direct precursor features tons of solo downloadable content, though might not be the best point of comparison. More recently, Resident Evil 3 (2020) came out alongside a multiplayer component — like RE8. In that instance, only the online portion (Resident Evil Resistance) received any DLC.

The Re:Verse roadmap found its way online due to a huge Capcom data breach. Naturally, the information is subject to change; especially so in this case with Re:Verse itself facing delay. The DLC plans include paid Battle Passes containing boosters, characters, cosmetics, and more. Meanwhile, free updates will reportedly introduce new maps and modes for all players.

Resident Evil Village DLC roadmap leaks

Resident Evil Village DLC roadmap leaks

Credit to u/ChrisRedfieldfanboy for translating the leaks on Reddit.

For more on Re:Verse, check out the GameRevolution preview. Since playing the standalone multiplayer game, Capcom has elected to push its release back. This will allow for more development time and should result in a better final product. Of course, it also throws the above timings on any post-launch content out of whack.

After playing through Resi Village, some GR staff can’t help feeling that the tall vampire lady (Lady Dimitrescu) is a disappointment. The memes are great, but her in-game implementation could’ve been way better.