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Resident Evil Village Luiza’s Key: Where to use it and what it unlocks

Players will run across Luiza’s Key fairly early in Resident Evil Village. Astute explorers may find it on their own or through the information provided by the Duke. Regardless, it’s not immediately obvious what it unlocks. However, most players will have seen what Luiza’s Key will open, even if they didn’t realize it.

What do you do with Luiza’s Necklace in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Luiza's Necklace Key Location

Players can find Luiza’s Necklace after returning to the village from Castle Dimitrescu. It’s sitting in an ornate box on the steps of Luiza’s House (the one where Elena died). It’ll appear on the map once players return to Duke from the house with the red chimney. However, it can be picked up at any time, even if it’s not marked on the map.

At first glance, Luiza’s Necklace may just seem like another treasure item to sell. However, it appears in the player’s key items inventory, indicating it’s a bit more important than the other necklaces found in the game. Examining it will produce two items: the Necklace Stone (which can be sold) and Luiza’s Key.

What does Luiza’s Key unlock in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Luiza's Key Unlock Chest Location

Players will be wondering what Luiza’s Key unlocks. Unfortunately, they won’t get much help from the inventory. The only description it has is, “The key from Luiza’s necklace.” That’s not very helpful.

It’s a fairly small key, which indicates it fits in a smaller lock (the door keys in the game are huge). Most players will have seen the location where Luiza’s Key needs to be used, at least if they’re thorough explorers. It’s easy to forget it, though, especially if a player picks up the key later in the game.

Along the Lone Road, west of the Altar, there are a few entrances along the southern wall. If players explore inside these, they’ll find a red chest. Ethan can unlock this chest with Luiza’s Key. Inside is Cesare’s Goblet, a piece of treasure that can be sold for a high price.