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Resident Evil Village Wedding Box: How to open the music box

Players will find the wedding box in Resident Evil Village when progressing through the House Beneviento section of the game. This minor puzzle can be pretty confusing for those who have never run into a music box of this design before. Fortunately, solving the wedding box puzzle isn’t too tricky once players understand how it works.

How to solve the wedding music box puzzle in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Wedding Box Puzzle

The wedding music box can be found in a side room in the hallway after finding the combination for the lock on the door sealing players into the room with the Mia doll. Players may have seen this box at the very start of the game before Mia gets shot. It’s sitting on a table right at the top of the steps, and Ethan will wind and play it if players interact with it.

Unfortunately, the wedding box is in disrepair when players find it in the Beneviento Estate in Resident Evil Village. However, it’s really, really, easy to fix. Since it’s a puzzle, it might seem like there’s going to be some sort of profound solution that really makes players think. That’s not the case. To fix the wedding music box, players just need to match up the scratches on the surface of the cylinders.

To fix it, make the following switches:

  • 2 → 1
  • 4 → 2
  • 3 → 5
  • 3 → 4

This should cause the scratches on the cylinder to line up. If so, the music box will play the song. After it’s concluded, a drawer will open, and players can pick up the tweezers found inside.

Unfortunately, this is about as complicated as puzzles in this game get. Regardless, the player is just getting started with their time with House Beneviento. A greater horror is awaiting players, as is a demented game of hide-and-seek. Ethan will have to keep his wits about him, as his firearms will remain unavailable for this section of the game.