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Is there a Resident Evil Village holster weapon option?

Like most titles in the Resident Evil series, the latest game isn’t a shooter despite having a variety of weapons, so it would be useful to have a Resident Evil Village holster weapon option. While there are a lot of shooting moments in the game, a lot of the time the player is solving puzzles or exploring the environment, so the ability to unequip weapons would be welcome. Is there an option to holster or unequip guns in Resident Evil 8?

Can you holster your weapon in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Holster Weapon

The only way to holster or unequip weapons in Resident Evil Village is to trigger a cutscene or, if the item is a single-use weapon like a mine or a pipe bomb, to use them all up.

Unlike third-person Resident Evil games, the gun takes up a lot of camera room in the first-person games, such as Resident Evil Village. In Resident Evil 7, however, it was possible to unequip held weapons by selecting the same gun on the D-pad, or choosing ‘Unequip’ in the inventory. In Resident Evil Village, unfortunately, all of these options have been removed, so players are stuck with a gun on-screen for the entire time — even during the long stretches of time where there aren’t any enemies to fight. PC players may eventually get an RE8 mod that allows them to holster a weapon, but at the moment there isn’t one of those either.

It is possible to get rid of weapons in the game if they are taking up valuable inventory space, although the solution is a permanent one. Furthermore, if the game’s weapon charms are too distracting head here to find out how to easily turn them off.

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