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Resident Evil Village Broken Slab Bug: How to fix crypt won’t open

There are many fantastic treasures in the latest Resident Evil game to find and sell to get the best weapon upgrades out there, which is why the Resident Evil Village Broken Slab bug is so frustrating. In order to get the Beneviento Grave treasure, the player has to retrieve the Broken Slab from the gated crypt near the Maiden of War statue in the center of the village, but if the bug happens the crypt won’t open and the treasure can’t be retrieved. Is there a fix to make the event trigger?

Is there a way to fix the Resident Evil Village Broken Slab bug?

Resident Evil Village Broken Slab Bug

The Broken Slab crypt not opening bug can only be fixed by visiting the village’s graveyard area right after dealing with Angie and Donna and completing the Beneviento Mansion mission. If the player takes a detour or goes elsewhere first, the event that opens the crypt may not trigger and the Broken Slab cannot be retrieved. If they miss this trigger, they will have to leave this treasure until a second playthrough for now.

Basically, what is supposed to happen is that the player approaches the crypt, following the defeat of Angie and Donna, and zombies will crawl out of the ground and destroy the gate. This makes sense in the story, as the crypt belongs to the Beneviento family and Ethan just killed the last living member. If the bug hits and the player misses this trigger, there is no way to open the crypt gate and retrieve the Broken Slab. This may be patched in a later update as it is deeply frustrating, especially as it doesn’t just result in missing a treasure but a major mini-boss battle too.

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