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Resident Evil Village: How to get Wolfsbane Long Barrel

Weapons and ammo are scarce in Resident Evil Village. It’s smart to conserve munitions where possible, but it’s even smarter to upgrade your weapons, allowing each shot to deal more damage. This is why most players are keen to find the Wolfsbane Long Barrel, which allows the game’s magnum revolver to pack an even more powerful punch. This neat little mod is well-hidden, but don’t fret: We know just where to find the Wolfsbane Long Barrel attachment.

How to get the Wolfsbane Long Barrel in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Wolfsbane Long Barrel attachment location map

The Wolfsbane Long Barrel attachment is located inside Heisenberg’s Factory. To get it, you first need to get your hands on Heisenberg’s Key, then use the key to open the door to the Operating Room on MB4. You’ll find the Wolfsbane Long Barrel mod sitting inside the briefcase in the room behind the destructible wall.

The Long Barrel attachment is one of several missable items in Resident Evil Village. Each of the game’s major subsections are distinct, and once each boss has been defeated, these areas become barred from further access. As such, to find every item, you’ll need to either explore every area thoroughly, or save all exploration for new game plus.

However, it would be wise to find the Wolfsbane Long Barrel attachment as early as possible. That’s because the M1851 Magnum is one of the game’s best pistols, and the Long Barrel causes it to deal even more damage than usual. Given that magnum ammo is scarce, you’ll want to make sure that every single shot counts. That is, at least until you’re able to craft your own magnum ammo.

Fortunately, the Wolfsbane Long Barrel isn’t too hard to find. The only trick is that once you get Heisenberg’s Key, you need to double back to the operating room on MB4. The door that was previously barred will open to the key. Once you enter, a Soldat will break down a wall to ambush you. Defeat it, then walk through the broken wall to spot a briefcase on a desk. The long barrel attachment is inside the briefcase.