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Resident Evil Village Chest on Boat: How to get the Reservoir Treasure

While venturing through the Reservoir area in Moreau’s territory during the latest Resident Evil game, players will encounter the Resident Evil Village chest on boat puzzle. This is one of the game’s key treasures and is marked on the map as the Chest Under Windmill, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to access it. Here’s how to get the Reservoir treasure chest on the boat in Resident Evil 8.

How to get the Resident Evil Village Chest on Boat

Resident Evil Village Chest on Boat

Despite being encountered early into Moreau’s territory, the ‘Chest Under Windmill’ chest on the boat can only be retrieved following the boss fight with Moreau, after the player drains all the water out of the Reservoir.

The biggest tease about the chest is that there is literally a useable boat right next to it, except there is debris blocking the boat’s path too. Instead, push forward with the boat down the tunnel and basically just forget about this treasure until after the boss fight with Moreau, who the player has to drain all the water out of the Reservoir of before they can face. Rest assured, this treasure is not one of Resident Evil Village’s missable items that cannot be retrieved later.

Once Moreau has been defeated and the Reservoir has been drained, head back to this area and the chest is now missing, but there is a slimy path that can be explored. Head down into the fish-filled pool and the chest is resting neatly on the side, and is still in the boat from earlier. Open it to find the slightly underwhelming Silver Angel statue, which at the very least is an expensive treasure that can be sold to Duke for a high price.

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