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Resident Evil Village: Can you return to Reservoir?

After defeating the hideous fish creature Moreau, the player naturally leaves the territory and moves on to RE8’s next area, but Resident Evil Village players may want to return to the Reservoir. There are plenty of items and treasures still to find such as the Chest Under Windmill treasure, not to mention a small pool of fish, which are limited in Resident Evil 8. Is it possible to get back to the Reservoir in Resident Evil Village?

Can you return and go back to Reservoir in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village return to Reservoir

After leaving Moreau’s Reservoir in Resident Evil Village, the player can access certain parts of the Reservoir but not all of it. The player can visit a few of the mine areas and the place with the Chest On Boat treasure they encountered earlier, but the lift that accesses the main Reservoir area has been disabled and the boat can no longer be used.

There are a few missable items in the main Reservoir area, including a few treasures and the ball for the territory’s Labyrinth puzzle. Probably the most annoying area that is no longer accessible is a small pool of fish which only appears after beating Moreau, but the player has to backtrack and find before ascending the lift. Given how scarce hunting resources are in Resident Evil 8, this fact is particularly frustrating, especially as it’s then possible to miss out on one of Duke’s cooking recipe upgrades by a single fish.

Once Moreau has been defeated and the Reservoir has been drained, if the player needs to find these fish or just wants to scour the area for items, do so before entering the lift otherwise most of Moreau’s territory will be inaccessible.

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