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Resident Evil Village Knives Out: How to get the Knife Only achievement

The endgame content in the latest Resident Evil game is all about collecting CP for bonus content, and one of the most difficult things to do to get it is the Resident Evil Village Knife Only challenge. Otherwise known as the Resident Evil 8 Knives Out achievement/trophy, as the name suggests it involves using only the knife in combat throughout the entire game. Here’s the best way to complete the Knife Only challenge, as well as the situations where it’s okay to use guns.

How to get the Resident Evil Village Knife Only challenge

Resident Evil Village Knife Only

To get the Knife Only challenge and complete Knives Out, the player literally has to use only the knife in combat through the entire game, including against bosses, although there are ways to make this easier than it sounds — as well as situations where it is fine to use other weapons.

The most important part to note with Knives Out is that it doesn’t matter what difficulty the game is set to, so drop the game’s difficulty all the way to Casual and it should make things much easier. Furthermore, there’s nothing in the achievement about killing every enemy, so try to avoid combat encounters wherever possible. Other than health kits there’s nothing worthwhile to buy, so don’t worry about getting money.

The other important thing is that it’s fine to use weapons on anything that’s not an enemy. It’s totally acceptable to shoot Goats of Warding for example or any other inanimate objects, as well as bombing walls with pipe bombs or using Chris Redfield’s laser pointer against the Megamycete — although it can’t be used in the subsequent miniboss encounter in the cavern. The player can use the tank-machine in the Heisenberg boss fight and can shoot the energy mass above Miranda in the final boss battle, but otherwise, every enemy must be defeated with only a knife. Complete Knives Out though and the reward is a whopping 70,000 CP, one of the biggest payouts for a single achievement in the game. Good luck!

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